Friday, January 28, 2011

Get Well Card for my Brother

My brother had knee surgery on Wednesday (Jan 26th), so I made him a get well card.  He is into farming so I had to include that into the card.  Some day he hopes to have his own farm again.   He raises a few goats, so put a cute little goat on there.

Everything was cut on the Cricut.   The goat is from Animal Kingdom, the boy is from Everyday Paperdolls.   There is a farmer dude on there, but my brother doesn't wear overalls or a buttoned shirt, so cut out jeans and a sweatshirt.   The jeans is from the rocker on that cartridge, the sweatshirt, cap, and shoes are from the pumpkin guy (I think).   The crutches are from the nurse.   The barn and tractor I think are from the same cartridge with the farmer.    I even colored the hair gray like my brothers.   lol

I hope he likes it.