Thursday, November 25, 2010

5 Days to Craft!!!

Happy Thanksgiving.   I was lucky enough to get Friday off work also, so I have a 5 day weekend!!   I am going to lock myself in my craft room and create all weekend.   I might leave long enough to sleep and eat, but that is it.  No shopping for me.   Except from my computer.    I don't like crowds.  The deals aren't low enough for me to venture into that madness. 

I got this card done today.   The adorable penguin is a digital image by Designed2Delight.  You can see their products here.   He is part of this week's challenage that ends tonight.  Everyone who plays gets a free digital stamp.

The image was colored with Copics.  The patterened paper is by Carolee's Creations.  I picked it up at a garage sale, so don't know where that person got it.  The "gray" paper is actually silver glimmer paper.  I got that from a store years ago, don't know the name.   The white snowflake is a long retired button from CTMH. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Craft Room Withdrawals

I have not been in my craft room in about 7 days.  I was gone over the weekend, so didn't get any crafting done, but had a great time with my niece and nephews.   (Ask me sometime about Noah and the lemon pie.)    I hope to get in the room tonight.   Saturday I will be making cards with a great group of ladies at my friend Christine's house, so that will definately give me my fix of crafting!!  I can't wait.   After that I won't have time again until Thanksgiving.    (I hope my boss gives me that Friday off too.)

Today I was looking through some poems I had written back in high school for a Creative Writing class my senior year.   I loved that class.  It was so easy to sit down and whip out a poem or 2.   Can't do that now, I can barely write on my blog without errors and many many rewrites.  (So far this post has taken me over 9 minutes to write.)

Here are some of the poems I came across today.    Enjoy.

Raindrops on the window

Lonely nights, alone with my memories of friends passed on and of dreams forgotten.
Sitting in the dark watching the raindrops on the window.
How could I have gotten through those years without my family and the mercy of the Lord.
Helping me with struggles that seemed beyond my control.
And I know that if my family is gone, the Lord will always be there when the rain drops on the window.


We’re all excited to start,
when we’re young and not torn apart.

We love riding the big yellow bus,
not caring if anyone is staring at us.

Then we get to junior high,
wishing the years would really fly by.

We worry about who’s cute and who’s not,
thinking the weather wasn’t that hot.

Finally on to the senior year,
dreaming of life and a successful career.

Only to discover that it was joke,
life is so bad it will make you choke!
(I got an A+ on this one. lol)

Pieces of Humanity

Sometimes unnoticed, they play a part in life, untouched by any words.

They fall from the face of a mother as she cradles her child.

They glisten in the eyes of a bride as she walks down the aisle.

They stream down the cheeks of a widow long forgotten.

They roll from the eyes of a young man as he heads off to war.

They are the framework of the world, and remain a symbol of humanity.

Here is one my teacher did.
I climbed onto a glazed doughnut

I climbed onto a glazed doughnut,
       To taste its sweetness
My appetite was larger than my stomach
I took three bites
           Lost my foothold
           Fell through the hole
           Broke my leg
So much for love.

-- Written by Bernard Gerzevske, Creative Writing Teacher, Plainview High School 1991

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Many Flowers

This digital stamp is by Tiffany, it is one of her freebies found on her blog.   I think is one of her images that she makes digital from a photograph.  

I sat down and colored the orange flower in first and although it looked nice, it wasn't want I was picturing in my head.   So the next flower I colored that one blue.   Then I got an idea.   So I colored each flower a different color.    Once I got more black ribbon, I was able to finish the cards last night.   I like how they turned out.   The cardstock is either from CTMH or Bazzill.   Colored with Copics. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Cricut strikes again

After spending the day on Saturday at my friend's house (Hi, Christine) making cards and helping her get ready for upcoming card classes, I was kind of lost when I got back to my house.  But I found my mojo and got to work.  

I made a Christmas card and just realized now, that I didn't get a picture of it.  Oops.   Some of my fellow crafters are getting this card, so I'll probably wait to post it.

I have some flower cards started and will post, but I ran out of ribbon mid way through the project.  Will put them up when I get more ribbon.   They are cool if I do say so myself.  :o)

Then I got my Cricut out again along with my favorite cartridge, Create-a-Critter.   I had an idea to make the barn on there into a card.  But after an hour working with it on Design Studio and wasting a lot of white cardstock, I decided to go a different way.    It is still a card, but the barn is not the whole card.  I just love the animals!!!

The barn is 4.25" tall and 5.5" wide.  The cow is 1.25" tall and the horse is 1.50".

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Create-A-Critter Rocks

I love my Cricut.   And I love the Create-A-Critter cartridge.   The animals on there are so cute and there are so many extras that can be used without the animals. 

Here are a couple cards I made recently using the cartridge.  I have so many more ideas, so check back for more cards with cute cuddly animals.

The log of wood with the Beaver is his (or her) "accessory".   But the other item that comes with the Beaver is a wagon.   Okay, I understand using a wagon to haul wood, but have you ever seen a beaver pulling a wagon full of wood?   I haven't yet.  :o)    So I used the little red wagon with the dog.    Isn't he cute?