Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sweet Dill Pickles anyone?

So far this holiday weekend, I haven't made any craft projects, but I have been busy.  Saturday I helped my mom and dad go through boxes of their stuff that has been in storage for over 6 years.  Some things were still in boxes from when we moved across the state of MN over 25 years ago.   What memories, too bad most of the stuff was too damaged to save.  :(

Today my mom, and my cousin Karri helped me can Sweet Dill Pickles.   It is my Grandma's recipe and this is the 3rd time I've made them.   (This is the only kind of pickles I like.)    This year we made 34 pint jars.   Not quite enough to make a full 3 dozen, but enough for us.   My other cousin, Mindy couldn't make it, but she can still get her 10 jars.  :o)     We have to wait 2 weeks before we can eat them.   Boy, that is going to be a long wait. 

My mom and cousin Karri busy cutting pickles.

 Me taking the last 4 jars from the oven.  (Ugh, I hate my picture being taken.)