Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Today is my mom's birthday.  She is ____ today.   lol.  I'm not going to say how old she is, but I will say the year that she turned 50, I was 25 and all day long I reminded her that I was half her age.  I am surprised that I didn't get disowned that day.   :)

I thought I would share a few pictures of her. 

This is her and her younger brother, Bob.   I don't know when this was taken. 

Mom and Bob about to leave for school.  

This is mom and dad's 30th Anniversary (several years ago).   Dad got that figurine for her.    They both love eagles.   We were visiting mom's parents for Christmas.  Their anniversary is December 27th.

A current picture.  Well, a year ago.   This is grandson Noah.  I don't have a picture of her with all 3 grandchildren, so this one will have to do.