Monday, February 7, 2011

Sympathy Card

A few weeks ago my dad mentioned in Sunday School about a classmate of mine who died when a tunnel he was digging collapsed on him.  It happened a year after I moved away, but it reminded me of another classmate I lost several years earlier.  Ricky and I were great friends, always hung out together during lunch and on the playground.  He was one of my best friends.   One day in 3rd grade, I left the classroom to get a drink of water before class started.  Our teacher was very strict.  It was okay to leave like I did as long as it was before the bell rang.   On my way back to the room, Ricky stood in the doorway and would not let me in.   Even though the teacher saw him do this, when the bell rang and I was still in the hallway, I got in trouble.   I was so mad at Ricky.   I pushed past him and said, "I hate you and I never want to see you again."   

That weekend we got a phone call that Ricky and his family (except his mom) died in a bad car accident.   I was horrified.   I thought I caused it to happen.   I never told anyone what I had said to him that day and for years held onto that guilt.  It was when I was a young adult that I realized I was not to blame for the accident, but I always regretted those words I said to him.  I wish I could take them all back.  

Posting this sympathy card reminded me of him.   Sometimes we say stuff we don't mean out of frustration or anger, and we don't realize how those words can affect that person and us.  Give your best friends a hug today and your family too.  :o)

The cardbase is Bazzill.  The patterned paper is by CTMH, and the flower is from