Thursday, May 5, 2011

Trophy Card

My 11 year old nephew, Luke, won the Timothy award in Awana.   Unfortunately his church could not afford to buy the trophy.   But his dad (my brother) still had his trophy from when he won the Timothy award 30 years ago.    So my brother presented his award to Luke at the award ceremony.   Luke was surprised and delighted.  He is very proud that he gets his dad's award.  

I made Luke a trophy card, so he could have his own award.  I cut the shape out on the Cricut with the Printing 101 cartridge.   I did not weld them, I cut 2 shapes and glued them together at the top, scoring the back piece.   The "sentiment" on the card was from the George and Basic Shapes cartridge.  

I think this was cut at 4.5 inches.

My brother getting the award in 1981.

Luke getting the award from his dad in 2011.