Saturday, March 20, 2010

Scrapbooked Poems

I took a Creative Writting class in high school and recently had the idea to scrapbook them.  Here are a few of the ones I've done. 

Here is the poem since you can't read it on the picture:

We’re all excited to start,
when we’re young and not torn apart.

We love riding the big yellow bus,
not caring if anyone is staring at us.

Then we get to junior high,
wishing the years would really fly by.

We worry about who’s cute and who’s not,
thinking the weather wasn’t that hot.

Finally on to the senior year,
dreaming of life and a successful career.

Only to discover that it was joke,
life is so bad it will make you choke!

(written in 1990 for a class assignment)


Christmas at Grandpa’s

Sitting by the fire,
wrapped in Grandma’s quilt.
Thinking of the unopened presents,
wondering what’s inside.
Listening to the sounds of the night,
in the glow of the Christmas tree.

Sitting with my brother,
next to Grandpa’s chair.
Thinking of the fun we’ll have,
playing in the snow.
Listening to the roar of the fire,
wanting not to go to bed.

Sitting in the little green house,
nestled by the river.
Thinking of the Christmas cookies,
waiting for me to devour.
Listening to the sweet soft sounds,
coming from Grandpa’s harmonica.

Sitting with my favorite doll,
holding her close to me.
Thinking of the days gone by,
the laughter and the sorrow.
Listening to mother whisper,
sweet-nothing in my father’s ear.

Sitting with the family that I love,
not knowing what the years would bring.
Thinking of the coming spring,
with the newborn kittens on the farm.
Listening to the sun go down,
over on the horizon.


Pieces of Humanity

Sometimes unnoticed, they play a part in life,
untouched by any words.

They fall from the face of a mother as she
cradles her child.

They glisten in the eyes of a bride as she
walks down the aisle.

They stream down the cheeks of a widow long

They roll from the eyes of a young man as he
heads off to war.

They are the framework of the world, and remain
a symbol of humanity.